Scuba Waikiki

SCUBA Waikiki
SCUBA Waikiki

Waikiki SCUBA diving

If you want to go scuba diving in Waikiki, look no further! Our PADI instructors are ready to take you on an dive of a lifetime, with over 20 years of local experience scuba diving in Waikiki.

Discover Scuba diving in Waikiki

We provide the best Waikiki scuba diving tours. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned diver, our staff has you covered. We provide first-time scuba diving experiences for individuals who never dived before, while certified divers can explore the shipwrecks. Our mission is to provide you with a safe, enjoyable, and memorable diving experience in Waikiki.

Why SCUBA dive with us?

  • We own our Waikiki dive boat. This means that you won’t have to dive with a company that doesn’t own a boat or uses a crowded catamaran.
  • Smaller group sizes (no more than 6 divers) for increased safety and greater fun.
  • Expert knowledge of local dive sites, with a 100% safety record.
  • We offers a range of diving experiences, including first time scuba diving for beginners and shipwreck exploration for certified divers.

Expert Instructors with a 100% Safety Record

Our PADI Instructors have been scuba diving in Hawaii for over 20 years and have expert knowledge of the local dive sites in Waikiki. They will ensure that you encounter sea life, and more importantly, have a safe and fun dive. With a 100% safety record, you can be confident that your dive will be an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

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