First Time Turtle Scuba Diving Tours

What can be more exciting than trying scuba for the first time and diving with turtles? Safe easy fun scuba diving in Waikiki for the entire family on vacation in Hawaii. Discover the thrill of scuba diving 40 feet underwater encountering sea turtles, reef sharks and octopus. An amazing adventure scuba diving in Waikiki encounter a variety of marine life and lush coral reefs. As long as you know how to swim our SCUBA instructors will teach you the important dive skills and safety rules. Even children as young as 10 years old can experience scuba diving in Waikiki. Once properly trained, SCUBA diving in Waikiki is safer and way more fun than snorkeling or even swimming.

Turtle Scuba Diving Tour In Waikiki

Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon Scuba Diving

An amazing reef in Waikiki for scuba diving with huge turtles, Turtle Canyon. This reef is well know by locals and visitors alike as the number one location to encounter several Hawaii green sea turtles. The Turtle Canyon reef is about 1/2 mile out from Waikiki Beach at an average depth underwater of around 25 feet. Although the reef is named Turtle Canyon, there is a wide variety of marine life teeming about this dive site.

Dive And Snorkel With Turtles In Waikiki

Everybody on vacation wants to dive and snorkel with turtles in Waikiki. Where to swim and snorkel with sea turtles in Waikiki is one of the most common questions we get. Of course, you should definitely try snorkeling with the giant Hawaiian green sea turtles in Waikiki. A great tour for the whole family on vacation in Waikiki. Snorkeling in Waikiki is one of the best tours your family or group of friends can enjoy together. Most importantly, with limited time available on vacation you want to experience the best snorkeling Waikiki has to offer!

Snorkeling in Waikiki
Snorkeling in Waikiki

We feel that the best option for diving and snorkeling is from your own private boat rental. Check on the availability of our daily snorkeling tours in the online booking calendar. In conclusion, private snorkeling tours in Waikiki are truly the best value for money.

Best SCUBA Wreck Dive In Waikiki

Without a doubt the Sea Tiger is the best SCUBA wreck dive in Waikiki for certified divers. Originally sunk in 1998, this 197 foot vessel is now covered in coral growth and attracts a multitude of marine life. Usual inhabitants of the shipwreck are frog fish, blue-line snapper, pendant butterfly fish, moray eels, white-tip reef sharks and Hawaiian green sea turtles. Although it is considered a deep dive, this wreck dive is an easy and enjoyable shipwreck to explore on.

Sea Tiger Wreck Honolulu

Waikiki Shipwreck SCUBA Diving Tour

The Sea Tiger Shipwreck rests at an average depth of 100 feet at the main deck level. Because of the depth we have limited bottom time in scuba due to nitrogen absorption. The normal plan on this dive is for a 20 minute bottom time and 3 minute safety stop. Overall it’s an amazing dive and in fact, the best Waikiki shipwreck SCUBA diving tour!

Waikiki Beginner Scuba Diving Tour

Family fun with Waikiki beginner scuba diving tours for ages 10 and over. Scuba diving is safer, easier and way more fun than snorkeling. Most importantly, the scuba instructor will teach your group the important safety information and required dive skills. You will experience two dives and encounter several species of marine life. Most common are for example, Hawaiian green sea turtles, trigger fish and moray eels.

Waikiki Beginner Scuba Diving Tour
Waikiki Beginner Scuba Diving Tour

Scuba Diving First Time In Waikiki

Amazing experience scuba diving for the first time. Nothing is truly more exciting than your first time scuba diving in Waikiki. Most importantly, you don’t have to be a champion swimmer but being able to swim is required. Our SCUBA instructors will assist you with the basic safety skills and local diving knowledge required to safely scuba dive. Relax and enjoy the incredible underwater sea life on your first introductory scuba experience.

Turtle Snorkeling Tours In Waikiki

Everyday is a good day for turtle Snorkeling Tours In Waikiki. An abundance of marine life and in particular, Hawaiian green sea turtles. Amazing snorkeling and in fact, a great tour for the entire family on vacation in Waikiki. See for yourself why turtle Snorkeling tours in Waikiki are so amazing! Most importantly, we feature daily snorkeling tours at 09:30am & 01:30pm.

Waikiki Snorkeling Tours
Waikiki Catamaran Snorkeling Tours

Waikiki Catamaran Snorkeling Tours

Discover Waikiki snorkeling aboard our catamaran. Turtle Canyon reef in Waikiki is of course, the best reef for encountering massive sea turtles and schools of fish. Above all, relax in the blue Hawaiian waters and experience the reef in safety from our Waikiki catamaran.