First Time Turtle Scuba Diving Tours

What can be more exciting than trying scuba for the first time and diving with turtles? Safe easy fun scuba diving in Waikiki for the entire family on vacation in Hawaii. Discover the thrill of scuba diving 40 feet underwater encountering sea turtles, reef sharks and octopus. An amazing adventure scuba diving in Waikiki encounter a variety of marine life and lush coral reefs. As long as you know how to swim our SCUBA instructors will teach you the important dive skills and safety rules. Even children as young as 10 years old can experience scuba diving in Waikiki. Once properly trained, SCUBA diving in Waikiki is safer and way more fun than snorkeling or even swimming.

Turtle Scuba Diving Tour In Waikiki

Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon Scuba Diving

An amazing reef in Waikiki for scuba diving with huge turtles, Turtle Canyon. This reef is well know by locals and visitors alike as the number one location to encounter several Hawaii green sea turtles. The Turtle Canyon reef is about 1/2 mile out from Waikiki Beach at an average depth underwater of around 25 feet. Although the reef is named Turtle Canyon, there is a wide variety of marine life teeming about this dive site.

Why You Should Try SCUBA In Waikiki

Try SCUBA In Waikiki
Try SCUBA In Waikiki
Try SCUBA In Waikiki

When in Hawaii you’ll want to try scuba diving in Waikiki. We will guide you on two scuba dives with depths up to 40′ underwater. We will teach you the important SCUBA skills required and in addition, encounter huge Hawaiian green sea turtles. Similarly, the waters of Waikiki have an abundance of marine life you’ll observe on this dive tour. Overall, this scuba diving tour is an activity everyone should experience when visiting Waikiki.

First Time SCUBA Diving, Beginner SCUBA

Most importantly, beginners require no prior experience to safely try scuba diving in Waikiki today. A great family tour in Waikiki as first time scuba diving is available to everyone ages 10 and over. That is to say, knowing how to properly swim and being mature is required to ensure a safe SCUBA diving experience. With the required underwater skills mastered, first time scuba diving is safer and more fun than any snorkeling tour in Waikiki.

First Time SCUBA In Waikiki Hawaii

First Time SCUBA In Waikiki
First Time SCUBA In Waikiki
First Time SCUBA In Waikiki

Waikiki Discover SCUBA Lessons

Beginner first time SCUBA tour in Waikiki with no experience needed of having ever tried it before. Incredible safe, fun and easy for ages 10 and over in good physical health and an interest to explore. For a low cost you will experience two tropical reef dive sites 40′ underwater teeming with colorful Hawaiian fish. This first time diving tour in Waikiki is a memory that will last a lifetime!

What SCUBA Diving In Waikiki Is Like

Truly an experience like no other diving the coral reefs of Waikiki with huge Hawaii green sea turtles. Also amazing is the vast assortment of colorful tropical fish about the coral reefs. View some amazing videos of First Time SCUBA in Waikiki and judge for yourself why scuba diving in Waikiki is incredible. In conclusion, first time diving in Waikiki is something you do not want to miss out on your Hawaiian vacation.

SCUBA Diving With Turtles

Hawaiian green sea turtle in Honolulu

Discover scuba diving with turtles in Honolulu. Safe easy fun tour for the entire family on vacation in Honolulu. No experience required to safely try scuba diving in Honolulu. Our SCUBA instructors will provide a safety and skill briefing followed by in-water practice.

After learning the necessary dive skill they will guide you on two reef dives at a depth around 40′ underwater.