First Time SCUBA Diving In Waikiki

When in Hawaii you must try first time scuba diving in Waikiki. Most importantly, everyone over the age of 10 can participate in beginner scuba diving. You will encounter for instance, huge Hawaiian green sea turtles and schools of tropical fish while scuba diving in Waikiki. consequently, scuba diving is safer, easier and way more fun than snorkeling or swimming. Above all, your scuba instructor will brief you on the dive and practice some important underwater skills.

Waikiki Catamaran For scuba Diving

Our Waikiki catamaran is setup for scuba diving charters as well for as snorkeling tours. This 36’ x 14’ catamaran is stable and spacious as we limit to no more than 6 onboard. Consequently, this limit increases safety and provides enhanced fun while scuba diving. Overall, our Waikiki catamaran for scuba diving is incredible.

Best Shipwreck Scuba In Waikiki

The Sea Tiger shipwreck is the best shipwreck scuba in Waikiki for many years. Most importantly, because of the depth of 100’ this wreck only is acceptable for certified scuba divers. In addition, an advanced scuba certification is recommended but not required to participate in this scuba tour. Overall, the Sea Tiger shipwreck is the easiest and most enjoyable wreck dive in Hawaii.

Explore A Sunken Wreck In Waikiki

Our certified scuba divers will be amazed as they explore a sunken wreck in Waikiki. The Sea Tiger was initially sunk in 1998 as an artificial reef for the Voyager submarine company. Unfortunately, they are no longer operating but the Sea Tiger is still available for scuba diving tours.

Waikiki Snorkeling Turtle Tours

Amazing day of Waikiki snorkeling turtle tours. Our team of snorkelers braved the crystal clear blue waters of Waikiki to observe some huge Hawaiian green sea turtles. Above all, snorkeling in Waikiki is something the entire family or group will enjoy. You can easily book online through our reservation calendar although, feel free to text us as well.

Turtle Snorkeling Tours In Waikiki

Most importantly, Snorkeling with turtles is a Waikiki tour you need to experience while on vacation in Hawaii. This turtle snorkeling location is excellent for sightseeing and in addition, teeming with reef fish as well. Turtle Canyon is in fact, the best and most consistent dive site to encounter the Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Where is the best scuba in Waikiki

Where is the best scuba in Waikiki

Rainbow Scuba Hawaii ensures you’ll get the best scuba in Waikiki with daily diving tours. Most importantly, we offer private scuba diving tours exploring the reefs of Waikiki. Above all, the entire family can participate in this scuba diving diving tour in Waikiki. Overall, if interested in the best scuba in Waikiki, call Rainbow Scuba Hawaii. See our online reservation calendar for availability or feel free to text us as well.

Waikiki Scuba Diving Tours

Are you ready to try Waikiki scuba diving? Scuba diving in Waikiki is safe fun for ages 10 and over. Rainbow Scuba Hawaii offers daily boat charters for scuba diving at 9:30am and 1:30pm. We limit our Waikiki dive boat to 6 passengers to ensure you safety and enjoyment. In conclusion, Rainbow Scuba Hawaii offers daily Waikiki SCUBA diving tours for beginners and certified scuba divers.

How Much Does SCUBA Diving Cost

Waikiki SCUBA Diving Cost

We are frequently asked about the cost of scuba diving in Waikiki. Most importantly, Everything required is included to safely scuba dive, full gear rental including tanks, weights, BCD, regulator, mask and fins.

First Time SCUBA Tour$130.00
Certified SCUBA Tour$140.00
Private Snorkeling Boat$400.00

Beginner SCUBA Diving Prices

Waikiki SCUBA Diving Cost
Waikiki SCUBA Diving Cost

$130.00 The cost for beginner scuba diving features for example, detailed instruction and two dive sites.

Certified SCUBA Diving Prices

$140.00 Our certified scuba dive cost features for instance, two dive sites. Shipwreck followed by reef location.