Best Sites For SCUBA Diving In Waikiki

Best Waikiki Scuba Diving Sites

With time being limited on your vacation, our list of best spots for SCUBA diving in Waikiki is essential. The island of Oahu have several dive sites available for scuba diving but the best are near Waikiki. That is to say, the south side dive sites are very convenient and abundant with marine life. One of the if not the best dive sites is the turtle canyon reef in Waikiki. In conclusion, while scuba diving in Waikiki is exciting, encountering and diving with turtles.

Scuba Diving With Hawaiian Sea Turtles

Everyone loves scuba diving with the Hawaiian Sea turtles in Waikiki. You’ll be amazed at the size and grace of theses turtles. With a lifespan of around 70 years these turtles can weight 300lbs. Sea turtles are omnivorous, feeding on plants and in addition favor the jellyfish found in Hawaii. While scuba diving with the turtles it’s common to see them feeding on plants. Similarly, the numerous trigger fish clean the shell of the turtles feeding on algae growth.

Beginner Scuba Diving In Waikiki Hawaii

First Time SCUBA Waikiki

Truly an amazing experience with beginner scuba diving in Waikiki. Likewise, no experience required to safely try scuba diving in Waikiki. Let our highly experienced instructors guide you on two scuba dives with turtles in Waikiki. Safe fun scuba tour for the entire family on vacation in Waikiki. Most importantly, this is a scuba tour in Waikiki the entire family on vacation can experience.

First Time SCUBA Waikiki
First Time SCUBA Waikiki

First Time Scuba Tour With Turtles

Scuba diving tours with Hawaiian turtles is simply the best Waikiki tour and as a result, highly recommended. In short, our first time scuba diving tour is the best way to encounter huge Hawaiian sea turtle up close underwater,.

Turtle Snorkeling Tour In Waikiki

What is more exciting than a turtle snorkeling tour in Waikiki? For example, experience a private boat snorkeling tour with up to six guests aboard our Waikiki catamaran charter. This three hour turtle snorkeling tour departs from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor. The Turtle Canyon site in Waikiki is certainly the most popular location for snorkeling.

Private Snorkeling Catamaran Charter

Our catamaran is used exclusively for only your guest for a private snorkeling tour experience in Waikiki. No need to rush as this catamaran charter is a laid back tour allowing your guests a relaxed snorkeling experience. In conclusion, call us today or simply reserve online for an amazing Turtle Snorkeling Tour In Waikiki.

First Time SCUBA In Waikiki Hawaii

First Time SCUBA In Waikiki
First Time SCUBA In Waikiki
First Time SCUBA In Waikiki

Waikiki Discover SCUBA Lessons

Beginner first time SCUBA tour in Waikiki with no experience needed of having ever tried it before. Incredible safe, fun and easy for ages 10 and over in good physical health and an interest to explore. For a low cost you will experience two tropical reef dive sites 40′ underwater teeming with colorful Hawaiian fish. This first time diving tour in Waikiki is a memory that will last a lifetime!

What SCUBA Diving In Waikiki Is Like

Truly an experience like no other diving the coral reefs of Waikiki with huge Hawaii green sea turtles. Also amazing is the vast assortment of colorful tropical fish about the coral reefs. View some amazing videos of First Time SCUBA in Waikiki and judge for yourself why scuba diving in Waikiki is incredible. In conclusion, first time diving in Waikiki is something you do not want to miss out on your Hawaiian vacation.

Sea Tiger Shipwreck SCUBA Dive

Shipwreck SCUBA Dive
Shipwreck SCUBA Dive
Shipwreck SCUBA Dive

Certified SCUBA Diving in Waikiki

An amazing shipwreck SCUBA dive followed by a reef dive site location for certified SCUBA divers only. Most importantly, this is the premium scuba diving tour in Waikiki for certified divers. On the first SCUBA dive you’ll explore a sunken shipwreck. With a depth of 100′ underwater this dive is for certified divers only! An exciting but safely controlled dive throughout this shipwreck. Meanwhile, after a brief surface interval your read for dive two on a popular reef. We see for example on these dive turtles, reef sharks and friendly octopus. In conclusion, this SCUBA dive is something you certainly want to experience on your vacation in Waikiki.