Best SCUBA Wreck Dive In Waikiki

Without a doubt the Sea Tiger is the best SCUBA wreck dive in Waikiki for certified divers. Originally sunk in 1998, this 197 foot vessel is now covered in coral growth and attracts a multitude of marine life. Usual inhabitants of the shipwreck are frog fish, blue-line snapper, pendant butterfly fish, moray eels, white-tip reef sharks and Hawaiian green sea turtles. Although it is considered a deep dive, this wreck dive is an easy and enjoyable shipwreck to explore on.

Sea Tiger Wreck Honolulu

Waikiki Shipwreck SCUBA Diving Tour

The Sea Tiger Shipwreck rests at an average depth of 100 feet at the main deck level. Because of the depth we have limited bottom time in scuba due to nitrogen absorption. The normal plan on this dive is for a 20 minute bottom time and 3 minute safety stop. Overall it’s an amazing dive and in fact, the best Waikiki shipwreck SCUBA diving tour!

Best Shipwreck Scuba In Waikiki

The Sea Tiger shipwreck is the best shipwreck scuba in Waikiki for many years. Most importantly, because of the depth of 100’ this wreck only is acceptable for certified scuba divers. In addition, an advanced scuba certification is recommended but not required to participate in this scuba tour. Overall, the Sea Tiger shipwreck is the easiest and most enjoyable wreck dive in Hawaii.

Explore A Sunken Wreck In Waikiki

Our certified scuba divers will be amazed as they explore a sunken wreck in Waikiki. The Sea Tiger was initially sunk in 1998 as an artificial reef for the Voyager submarine company. Unfortunately, they are no longer operating but the Sea Tiger is still available for scuba diving tours.

Top Shipwreck Scuba Tour In Waikiki

Shipwreck Scuba Tour In Waikiki
Shipwreck Scuba Tour In Waikiki
Shipwreck Scuba Tour In Waikiki

Join us on the top shipwreck scuba tour in Waikiki on our daily boat charters. There are many dive sites around Waikiki, for instance Kewalo Pipe and Horseshoe but best is the Sea Tiger shipwreck. The ship wreck is a deep dive around 100′ underwater and therefore, you must be SCUBA certified to attend. Likewise, due to nitrogen absorption limits on recreational scuba diving, the absolute bottom time is 20 minutes. Therefore, our exploration on the top shipwreck in Waikiki is limited. Consequently, we do have enough bottom time to thoroughly explore the Sea Tiger.

Scuba Diving Charters In Waikiki

Aboard the Stugots dive boat we offer several scuba diving charters in Waikiki throught the day. With plenty of room, Stugots is 36′ long and 14′ wide dive boat in Waikiki. The previous certificate of inspection from the Coast Guard was for 28 passengers. For the best comfort and divers safety we limit now to 6 passenger aboard. In conclusion, if scuba diving in Waikiki, call us about private boat charters and availability of reservations.

Sea Tiger Shipwreck SCUBA Dive

Shipwreck SCUBA Dive
Shipwreck SCUBA Dive
Shipwreck SCUBA Dive

Certified SCUBA Diving in Waikiki

An amazing shipwreck SCUBA dive followed by a reef dive site location for certified SCUBA divers only. Most importantly, this is the premium scuba diving tour in Waikiki for certified divers. On the first SCUBA dive you’ll explore a sunken shipwreck. With a depth of 100′ underwater this dive is for certified divers only! An exciting but safely controlled dive throughout this shipwreck. Meanwhile, after a brief surface interval your read for dive two on a popular reef. We see for example on these dive turtles, reef sharks and friendly octopus. In conclusion, this SCUBA dive is something you certainly want to experience on your vacation in Waikiki.