Try SCUBA In Waikiki Beginner Dive

Are you ready to try scuba diving? Waikiki is an ideal location to discover the excitement of scuba diving. A safe fun tour, the whole family can try scuba diving together. Imagine being 40 feet underwater diving with huge Hawaiian green sea turtles and schools of reef fish. After some brief instruction and practice of basic skills you’re ready to try scuba diving in Waikiki. You don’t need to be certified to give scuba diving a try.

Waikiki First Time SCUBA

Try SCUBA In Waikiki Beginner Dive

No experience required for first time scuba diving in Waikiki. Participants should be very comfortable with swimming in the Ocean and a positive attitude to learn scuba diving. Our instructions have been diving in Hawaii for over 20+ years. Ensuring your safety and enjoyment is our main job. See our online calendar for reservations and availability.

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