Turtle Snorkeling Tours In Waikiki

Everyday is a good day for turtle Snorkeling Tours In Waikiki. An abundance of marine life and in particular, Hawaiian green sea turtles. Amazing snorkeling and in fact, a great tour for the entire family on vacation in Waikiki. See for yourself why turtle Snorkeling tours in Waikiki are so amazing! Most importantly, we feature daily snorkeling tours at 09:30am & 01:30pm.

Waikiki Snorkeling Tours
Waikiki Catamaran Snorkeling Tours

Waikiki Catamaran Snorkeling Tours

Discover Waikiki snorkeling aboard our catamaran. Turtle Canyon reef in Waikiki is of course, the best reef for encountering massive sea turtles and schools of fish. Above all, relax in the blue Hawaiian waters and experience the reef in safety from our Waikiki catamaran.

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